Monday, April 18, 2005

Buy me now...

Buy me now...

I miss you.
I haven't seen you in days
Yet how often do I see you,
to cherish those tiny moments.
You work to feed me
often till the wee hours of the night,
that I hardly see you, saddens me,

Yet I still miss you
and wait for you to buy me now
buy me now with love,
not with money.
all I ask is for some time

My birthday is in two weeks,
but I wonder if you'll remember
wihout being reminded.
The best gift a child could receive
is the gift of your loving time.
Spend some time with me,
thats all I ask.
So buy me now with love
buy me now with your time
buy me now before it gets too late,
when time can buy no more.

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