Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lime bubble baths

Lime bubble baths

It is such a hot and sticky day. Standing in the kitchen, the east, just feels like I will melt in no time. I could do with a nice cold lime bubble bath with ice cubes in it. Oh, what a sensational feeling! I know it seems funny that i mention cold and bubble bath in the same sentence, when bubble baths are usually nice and warm, not for a hot day like this though. Let me tell you a little about lime bubble baths.

Lime bubble baths originated from Chennai, India in the late 80's. Mr Kochi Nair, the founder of lime bubble baths did some research on the effects of fruits on our skin and found that lime was one of the most outstanding fruits for its strong acidic qualities. This fruit has a pH level of 6.0-7.0. This level is an adequate level for good skin. Mr Nair enjoyed soaking in bubble baths as the heat in Chennai can be really hot up to sometimes 42+ degrees. After studying this fruit, noticing its qualities of purity, and its cooling effect, he decided to try adding lime as an essence for his bubble bath. "Never was there a more cooling day in my life!" he concluded after taking the bubble bath with freshly squezzed limes.

Lime is commonly used for skin cleansing in India. More popularly used for facials. It is cleansing, cooling, and natural. Today lime salts have been invented for practical use in a bubble bath. It produces the same effect of freshly squezzed limes, only here we just pop in a few salts instead of squezzing a hundred limes. It is truly one hell of a cooling experience.

Try it yourself! Next time you can't take a hot day, just pop a lime salt into your tub and soak!
(Without the ice cubes off course, unless you want to experience a cool numb effect when you get out, then by all means please do.)


lizzie said...

Wow!! i ought to try that one day! Perhaps when i'm marriedd heheheeh ^_^ teach me how ya? you just put lime in your bathtub is it??? Hmm.. the thing is, i don't even have a bathtub. Any other ways?? Will it smoothen the skin as well??? If can fill me with more info.

Oh, thanks for popping by my blog gal!^_^ miss ya lots

Rose said...

Hey gal,

U dont need to be married to have a bubble bath. Its call a girls day to relax. U can get all kinds of fruity salts at body care shops. My personal favourite, bodyshop. It comes in cubes. you just need about 2 cubes for nice light scent. For stronger scents add more cubes. Well you do need a tub for bubble baths. Here is one: Save it for a day when you are staying at a hotel! A holiday come spa! What a nice treat!

Plus in future, when buying a house, buy one with a tub in it. It is said that house values are higher if they have tubs in them. So yea remember this...

Im flying off now...