Monday, April 25, 2005

Fashionably late

Fashionably late

I woke up early this morning. I spent a whole half an hour in the shower stoned, still half asleep. I forced myself to get ready, wondering why I had to go for class so early. I found something to eat- bulls-eye with some toast. A small meal to start the day. Realizing the time, I headed straight for college, rushing so I could get a nice carpark right under the old tall trees that provided my car with shade.

Upon arriving, I found a lovely parking space under the old tall trees which I had hoped for. Parked. Walked to the shuttle bus stop, shuttles my college offers for students to shuttle to other blocks easily. Thank God for the shuttle buses, or else we would have to either walk like a couple of kilometers or park at the respective blocks and be charged a bomb on parking fees. Its by the hour there. At the main block we use student coupons which makes things convenient for us students. I got onto the shuttle. Not too crowded today, maybe it was because I was early. I actually managed to get a seat in the shuttle. Enjoying the breeze of the polluted air of Kuala Lumpur, started to wake me up a little better. I was now more alert of what I was going to do next. Go for class.

I got to my block. Only to realize that law class had been cancelled. Frustrated, I walk up to the library to do some reading as my next class was only at 10am. It was now only 8am. I read for about an hour. Then I get a rather frustrating SMS telling me that English literature class was cancelled too. What a day to come to college? I am not usually the early sort, never punctual. Today I made the effort to be punctual, punctual for nothing but a waste of time. I had to head back now. It was frustrating after making such an effort, the effort was useless. Maybe I am meant to be fashionably late? That's the new trend....

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