Saturday, April 23, 2005

It’s your birthday dad!

Its your birthday dad!

Its early, and the sun is about to rise
from the hills that spread news like a flashing light
flashing, flashing, so the world will know
know that my dad has turned 56 today!

Over the hill many say, "Old man already!"
Age will always be age. No doubt on that.
He may be a year older, but he is still the same,
The same ol dad I always had,
The same ol dad who always looked young,
to me of course, he is young at heart,
and thats for sure, never failed to entertain,
always on the run, catching up with the latest movies,
just like we teenagers do.

Age is one thing, but the person is another.
My dad will always be young at heart,
My dad will always be my hero,
as he has caught me in his arms on the day I was born,
He is, and will always be my Dad
My one and only Dad, no man can put a stop to that.

So daddy dearest this poem I wrote,
Is a tribute to you on this beautiful day.
May God Continue to bless you always.
I love you daddy!
Happy Birthday!

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