Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Making my stationary purple

Making my stationary purple

I bought new stationary today. 3 stabilo medium tip ball pens (which after buying is dismantled and the inside of it is placed into a purple stabilo fine tip ball pen casing), a ruler (which after buying I would colour purple with a permanent marker pen), an eraser (not purple, just plain white), a note pad (purple cover) and a pilot shaker mechanical pencil (also purple).

All this minor adjustment done to my stationary serves to live up my purple social standing. My entire pencil box is purple with a few neutral colours which cannot be avoided. It is rather a waste of time, people say, as only today I realized, that everytime I buy new stationary it would be right before an exam. Yup, my exams start this Thursday, and I am sitting and colouring my ruler purple.

Ironic, I never buy new stationary unless there is an upcoming exam, and I spend so much time making minor adjustments just so it suits me. Just a weird lil thing I like to do. It relieves stress.


etryer said...

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daenielle said...

And people think I'm crazy about pink! ;)

Rajiv Finn said...

determine the nature of the stationary points of the curve..