Sunday, May 15, 2005

Scared with pain

Scared with pain

I do not want to recall it. The moment, so painful, which scared me for life. How she cried for help, and I stood helplessly, watching the car go up in flames. My heart just broke. She was everything to me, my cotton candy buddy, my shoulder to cry on, my inspiration, my best friend... But now she is gone. Nothing of her remains, nothing except that hollow cry for help, her very last cry. The thought just haunts.

Why should I have to go through this much pain again? Can you not sympathise with me? I do not want to hear your last cry, not now, not while you are still so young, so alive, so you... You mean the world to me, do I not mean something to you, that you can still do that, still chip of a bit of my heart each time you do this.

Please... Do not let me go through this much pain again. That is all I ask from you.

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