Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bunny has been murdered!

Bunny has been murdered!



Bunny came to me as a gift from a friend studying in New Zealand for Easter (thank you Ameet). Measured at about 14 cm tall, stood this bunny in a blue cloak branded Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, smiling at everybody who stood to admire it (although it knew that his dying day was to come, when someone decides to eat it up).

It arrived on April 17th, and since it was a monday, I decided to wait for the weekend to snap some pictures of it, and send a thank you card to the sender (you see, my sister holds the camera, whose only back on the weekends). Till then, I was gonna bond with the bunny. Every day I open the fridge to see it smiling at me. It was so so adorable.

But then came, April 20th. I opened the fridge in the morning only to find the body of my bunny lying there with its head no where in sight.


*snif* No more smiling bunny. No more 14 cm tall bunny(now only 8 cm tall). No bunny to take a picture to make a thank you card. Alls left is its body.


Oh poor bunny, may you rest in peace.

Just you wait murderer, whoever you are, ill find you.
Youll regret you ever laid eyes on MY Bunny.

(frustrations of living in a house with so many people)


Gabriel said...

idiot... when u said ur bunny passed away i thought u actually meant a real live bunny!!not a cadbury one!! haha... quite an amusing post lol

Rajiv Finn said...

i actually felt so sorry until i realised.. easter eggs are the way forward next year.

btw - what happened to your hotmail account?

cath said...

i thought it was a bunny soft toy and someone chopped its head off! luckily its only a choc bunny...phewwwwwww

Rose said...

some one ahcked into my hotmail account. at least i think thats what happened. basiclly they changed my password, n i dun have an additional email add in options, so i cant even get a new password.

Someone must really hate me so much, that they hack into my hotmail account, and execute my bunny's head. heheheh...

just bad luck i guess..