Wednesday, April 26, 2006

RSVP no more

RSVP no more

It is so frustrating really, how the modern generation reply to invitations. They just dont reply and expect you to know if they are coming or not. No such thing as RSVP anymore. It so sucks, especially when you need to organise things like buy movie tickets or cater food.

Sheesh, I may sound old fashion, but we CANNOT ignore the RSVP sign on a card. Its not there for decoration. Its a sign that the person who invited you needs to do something that requires them to know the amount of people attending.

So next time you get an invite with RSVP on it, reply!

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Gabriel said...

hehehe... happy b'day! and i so would have come... except i thought the movie was ice age2, and i had already seen it, so i thought i might catch u after the movie..but u didnt reply my initial sms regarding this.. so then i made other plans... then i hear the movie was now a dif one... but i had already made plans... i know this sounds like a bigg ass excuse... but for real!! anyways sorry!!! happy b'day!!! and i shall call you sometime to meet up if ur free =) and good luck in ur exams