Thursday, June 15, 2006

50 Absolutely Useless Facts about the Purple Cat

50 Absolutely Useless Facts about the Purple Cat

1. Loves all animals, especially cats
2. Knows your number after one phone call
3. Drinks Green Tea first thing in the morning
4. Drives a white Mazda Lantis
5. Wants to meet Andrew Llyod Webber
6. Won a Nokia Phone for looking pretty
7. Has a migrain after passing a person with expensive perfume
8. Only drinks tomato juice with salt in it.
9. Hates raisins
10. Talks a wee bit too much
11. Wants to drive a Mini Cooper
12. Will not try exotic food eg. snake
13. Has a totally cutomised purple colour tennis racquet.
14. Does not learn languages well ( I know english, and i'll stick with it)
15. Likes watching the rain while eating ice cream.
16. Watches only the news channels in the morning.
17. Loves being in photos.
18. Is tiny. Only 35 kilos.
19. Has perfect eye sight.
20. Knows how to play flamenco on the guitar.
21. Good with people.
22. Brushes teeth with a purple or pink tooth brush.
23. Thinks this blog is the best blog in the world.
24. Watched CATS the musical over 80 times. I think its 84.
25. Has an opera singer as a neighbour.
26. Buys a flower every week.
27. Loves listening to jazz.
28. Wears a silver ring on a finger, and never ever takes it out.
29. Dreams to be on a shampoo bottle.
30. Once forgives a person, cant remember the fault the next day.
31. Most of the time, out of credit.
32. Prefers Milk Chocolate.
33. Intends to own a crocodile as a pet.
34. Likes the feeling of being in a fast car.
35. Loves Sorbet ice creams.
36. Knows that Coffee Bean is better than Starbucks.
37. Is a perfectionist.
38. Wants to go bold, just for the thrills.
39. Terribly afraid of fire.
40. Has more guy friends, than girl friends.
41. Loves watching the stars at night, and then the sunrise.
42. Loves taking evening walks.
43. Does not like politics.
44. Sees herself as a famous opera singer having tea with Andrew Lloyd Webber in ten years.
45. Is very, very organised.
46. Wants to be a manager of an F&B outlet.
47. Wants to study Pet Grooming.
48. Wants to be an Ambassador for U2.
49. Played guitar with Daniel Jones.
50. Hates it when people change her plans.

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