Sunday, June 25, 2006

Flame of love

Flame of love

The flame of love is slowly dying
That usually is the case
But I thought that we would be different
In our actions and in words

To keep the flame burning
with a lot of passion and caring
So do you still love me?
Your heart, am I still the key?

The phone has stopped ringing
Candle night dinners are over
Love, you have stopped singing
to me with love, your lover.

To me, you seem defensive,
I cannot touch your phone
You have thrown away the curfew
truth is, now I feel alone.

What is it you need from me
To keep the love alive?
What is it that I must give?
For you to realise

How much I love you
and want you to be mine.
I still dont understand
How you try and balance time

Between me and your family,
Yet I still dont feel my share.
It seems more like first it is family,
which is very admirable

Then it comes your friends,
After which I will arrive.
I only say this now,
Because you plan with them.

What happen to you planning?
Romantic candle lights
A midnight moonlit walk
It was something that you loved.

But now, the flame is dying.
My love, why are you flying,
Away from your lover,
who is sinking a step lower.

Are we really like most couples,
Quickly fading the romance.
No more burning madness,
I still want the chance

To hold your hands
To kiss your lips,
And still know that you are there,
Instead of no where.

The flame of love is slowly dying,
That usually is the case
But love I want to fight it,
And keep the flame burning.


Gabriel said...

very very very very and yes very nicely written...... applause due

Rose said...

thanks. It was exactlly how i felt at that point. so i guess, words flow correctly then. hehehe.

Ah LENG said...

love you gal! i'm always here if u need anything.... u know that!!! take care....

Anonymous said...

i really find this poem moving... as i connect with it also... i am in ur situation.. unsure what to do to keep it alive.. on my side it is alive.. but on her it seems not.. but what i have learnt is to give it time... sometimes they just need sometimes to work through things.... the flame dimmed for me once.. but then flared again... but not it has dimmed and i hope my patience allowed it to flare once of luck...

Rose said...

hey mr anonymous.

Its hard to say give it some time if he is only here for a few more days. This relationship is a long distance one and for the past 2 and half years we have been going strong. But now his back, and the flame is dying. How many days should I wait, before its too late?

Anonymous said...

hehe.. ok... erm check ur msn email later