Monday, July 03, 2006

An acceptable excuse

An acceptable excuse

I got a part in the musical 'Les Miserables', to which I am 'Cossette' and 'Young Cossette'. I am really happy I got a part because it kinda gives me hope that my dreams of doing performing arts may still be alive. My voice sounds adultish, yet sweet (thats what this lady who trained me said) and shaky at high notes. I still am not sure how I landed this role. My biggest worry now, is having to portray a voice of a 7 year old.

Getting this part, to me is a miracle, considering the fact that I was not in a position to sing on the day of auditions. I was upset with someone (you) the day before. So upset that I drank, got myself a little tipsy, and woke up the next day sounding like a bull frog. Note to everyone out there, day before audition, dont drink. Warming up in the morning was a real killer. Firstly, because the average human being's voice is only warmed up by noon everyday. Secondly, having alcohol in your system, gets your voice warmed up hours after the average. Auditions was at 10 am. I was so upset, I remember tearing 30 minutes before it began. Thankfully, I did a million scales of warming up, that brought my voice back up very close to its best. For some reason, I did not sound too bad at the audition, and I landed the role I wanted.

Yet, something still annoyed me. The fact that you werent there for me. You knew how important this audition meant to me, and you just made me upset, that I drank, and made it difficult for me to audition, and the next day, you weren't even there to support me.

I collected my results on the same day. You promised you'd be there, but you were not. However, I did fairly well and I should be proud of myself, instead of fretting the fact that you were not there.

Right now, you make me sound so paranoid. After everyone reads this, they are gonna think I am super paranoid!

Sometimes there just isnt any acceptable excuses but saying 'I am sorry'.


Shankar said...

As a person who's reading this - you don't sound paranoid. And, sorry, at least to me, is never an acceptable excuse.

Gabriel said...

mmm.. hi shankar.. didn't know you made it a habit of wadnering to this blog...

Rose said...

Thanks shankar. that makes me feel a whole lot better. However I think right now its the season for break ups...just hate the feeling.

Shankar said...

Gabriel: (goodness, it feels as though I'm replying a comment in my blog, and the owner of this blog must duly forgive me for that) ....Yes, I do wander here at times :) you can't but help yourself to wander when you see an entire list of other pontentially interesting people in the blogs you normally read.

And Rose. I'm glad it made you feel better, though, I'd hate to think it would have to result in a break-up, I hope otherwise :)